October 17, 2008

Brigitte Fridays

Posted 10:41 am PST

Has it been a week already?! I almost didn't recognize your gorgeous face!

While pics of LA sun, surf and sights will come soon, I discovered the stylish blog Come Spy With Me (from the owners of the retro-meets-cool-contemporary shop Grasshopper in Philly, PA) to keep you entertained in the interim.

This pic of Cher is just one of hundreds of culled and curated photos on the Come Spy With Me blog, including images of the pulchritudinous Sharon Tate whose timeless chic relaxed LA style makes her look like she could have just stepped away from filming an episode of MTV's The Hills.

In Sight:
While in LA, I've been getting into the 50s/60s Mid Century architecture that's abundant here, and also digging LA's kitchy sign design. Sadly, I missed the "Between Earth and Heaven" exhibit of the work of architect John Lautner at the Hammer Museum by just 2 days. But hoping to make up for it with this dowloadable architecture tour from LA art/culture online guide FOR YOUR ART (can't wait for their NYC edition!)

John Lautner's Chemisphere house, 1960, Los Angeles; Photo by Joshua White

In Style:
During my self-designed architecture tour of LA, I think I should be wearing these two items from Grasshopper which perfectly epitomize LA sunshine goodness:

- xo, Bob

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