December 4, 2010

This BLONDE Finally Made It To A Costa Rica Beach!

Hola, Blonditos!

We finally made it to Costa Rica - to surf! and relax and eat great food and do yoga and hang out with amazing dear friends of 10+ years and meet super wonderful uberly cool news ones.

Def an all around a wonderfulicious trip. More deets to come [apologies, this Blonde has been doing a lot of local political do-gooder stuff to help out the local 'hood and the planet] since I hope to pick up my regular story telling/blogging sesh very soon for ya.

Here are a few Costa Rica pics for ya in the interim.....[insert your most fave dance music here....mine has been this BabyDayliner song for a month now!]

Playa Carmen y Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
xox, -Bob

April 7, 2010

Need this now!

It is the"Model T" reto-styled board from surfboard designer/maker Donald Takayama.

His was the first "real" board I ever rode in Hookipa break near Paia, Maui off Hana Highway. Many thanks to my surf friend Rick for loaning it to me (and trusting me with his mint condition 9' 2" lovely retro board - HIS was NOT girly pink, btw, but it WAS a gorgeous Takayama with not a single ding).

Anywhooo, once you are ready to step off the safe (but boring, after a while) soft top and commit to something a little more "real" and exciting (and gorgeous to look at!), I highly recommend this pretty and mellow lovely. She's sure to bring you a lifetime of happiness - even when you are not on her. [hmmm, was that a metaphor for something...]

xo, - Bob

January 29, 2010

Brigitte Fridays

Hello, loves and lambs. Has it really been that long since we spoke? My deepest apologies. I promise to fill you in on all the recent fun and fashionable happenings in our world very soon.

In the interim, here is the most cozy warm bowl full of sunshine goodness and puppy breath: the political (though her views are not my cup of tea, she is engaged) and animal advocate, our beloved Brigitte Bardot. [ hmmmmm...I really hope the fur on that bed is faux...or BB would have a French FIT!]

You know, speaking of I often say "a smart blonde is a sexy blonde" - and that goes for all you gingerettes, silverettes, and brunettes too - so make sure you watch President Obama's 2010 State of the Union (if you didn't already). Then, break out a few tidbits and personal opinion at your next cocktail party and watch them come like bees to blonde honey to hear you.

- xo, Bob

November 11, 2009

Greater Chance of Being Attacked By A Toaster

For anyone who has heard my "you don't stay in on a sunny day for fear of being struck by lightning" surfing theory , here is a new one from Surfrider:

x o, - BoB

October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Be back soon, promise! Been so busy doing some do-gooding, and working on some other projects.

But this Blonde is always think of you, and wanted to say "have a safe and hilariously FUN Halloween!" We will be going as the butter condiment to our friends' surf-and-turf dinner special...kinda hard to explain all here --maybe can post the pics this week....will TRY!

In the interim, if you have time, here's a great article on being a foster parent for dogs in need. It is such a big step to commit to being a parent for these amazing little happy creatures, so for you dog lovers (like ME), you can get all the love and fun of a pup while he/she searches for their forever home.
xo, - Bob

September 30, 2009

Get Your Daily Fashion Fix at All The Looks

Sorry tow-headed luvs, to be so terribly absent all this time, but we've been helping a few fashion friends over at Lifetime Networks (yes, home of Project Runway and one of our favorite stylish blondes Heidi Klum) for their new site and the accompanying Insider blog.

Make sure to read All The Looks blog daily and to vote on the fashion showdowns, to comment and also to WIN!!! (and when I say "win," I mean LOTS of top-tier prizes...we're talking Louis Vuitton and shopping-spree swag!) Here's a sneak peek below at the harem-pants post...hmmm, harem-pants, talk amongst yourselves for a bit....

Also, make sure you start scoping out your winter bikinis online (see all my fave bikini brands here) since I am looking into getting us all into an amazing surf camp in the Dominican Republic to get stave off those winter, we have the Vans 2009 Triple Crown in Oahu in December we need to go to, and of course, our annual October trip to sunny, glorious LA.

Until then, much love
- xo, Bob

August 25, 2009

We were just here: In Paia, Maui

Just got back from the most AMAZING trip to Maui! One of my FAVE places in the whole world! Lots of pics and deets to come once we pack on a restorative deep conditioner hair repair salve on our BLONDE locks and catch our breath.

Note: This is not actually me (many more miles of running and hours of yoga for that Brazilian bod), but this is JUST what it felt like and looked like (the color of the water is an EXACT match) paddling out to chest high waves in Hookipa break in Maui.

xo, - Bob

August 7, 2009

Fashion Fan or Ban? Raquel Allegra Shredded Dress

Photo: YIC online - Halle Berry at Bristol Farms grocery store in Beverly Hills, CA, July 29

Several celebrities have been spotted on and off the red carpet in shredded dresses and tunics, and Halle Berry was the latest star to try the trend when she wore one to fetch groceries in LA recently. But…are we a Fan of the look? Or, do we enact a Ban on the disintegrating design?

This is tough call for several reasons:

1) I adore Halle Berry’s red carpet and street style almost every time she steps foot out her door

2) I know the talented designer Raquel Allegra who creates these hand-crafted one-of-a-kind styles that can sell for $1000 each

3) I have a soft spot for rocker-meets-downtown-boho-just-came-from-the-beach-type looks.

While the slasher style is not “cut out” for the red carpet and is BANNED from glam events, I am a FAN of the shredded dress as a rock-and-roll cheeky beach cover up.

xo, - Bob

August 6, 2009

EXCLUSIVE - Lisa Rinna's obsession-worthy bikini is from Target!

This Blondette has been obsessing over Lisa Rinna’s pink striped bikini ever since I spotted her in it over a week ago! I immediately scoured the internet and searched every conceivable combo of the words “striped, pink, bikini, Rinna, Lisa” with no luck. In another attempt to uncover the designer, I looked online at Lisa’s own stylish boutique Belle Gray to see if she sold the suit in her LA-store, and it was nowhere to be found.

So, finally, I decided to email the source herself – Lisa! And this little treasure of info was waiting for us in our inbox today:

From: Lisa Rinna’s Style Team
To: Bob

From: Bob
To: Lisa Rinna’s Style Team
Get OUT! Loves! Thanks so much!

From: Lisa Rinna’s Style Team
To: Bob
I know!! Right?

Bonus: This perfect summer suit sells for less than fifteen bucks! Xhilaration Big Neon Swimwear $14.99 - quick, go buy it here!

You’re welcome, fashion fans. xo, - Bob

Photo: WENN – Lisa Rinna in Malibu, July 27

May 18, 2009

Amazing Mexico

It is so unfortunate that the recent swine flu scare in Mexico is coming on the heels of the country's harsh economic recession and after a sharp downturn in tourism in Mexico due to a surge in drug-related crimes in limited parts of Mexico.

I recently returned from a trip to the coastal areas around the Sierra Madre mountains (Puerta Vallarta and Nayarit) and have such a new love and appreciation for this wonderful and beautiful country - and the amazing people I met there. Even in the wake of the flu - I would get on a plane today if I had the opportunity to go back that soon.

Hacienda San Angel Chapel, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I am hoping that by posting a few pictures of Mexico through my eyes here, that perhaps you will be inspired to take a a trip (once health officials secure and control the recent medical situation) to this truly amazing country.

Sierra Madre Mountains (above) and a beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (below)

A breathtaking ocean view (above) in Mexico to rival ANY country in the world

My trip was a short one, but I cannot wait to return --not only to experience some of the most amazingly gorgeous beaches I have ever seen (and mind you, I have spent time on islands in Thailand in the Andaman Sea and managed to squeeze in several trips to Maui in the past year...)-- but to also return to learn more about the rich culture and the people that are blessed to call this wonderful country home!

Scenes from surf town of Sayulita, Mexico

Much love and well wishes for everyone in Mexico, at this time and always.
xo - Bob

May 2, 2009

Brigitte Fridays

Loving BB's womanly curves in this pic!
xo, - Bob

April 30, 2009

Overcoming FEAR so you can go surf in Costa Rica this summer!

Wow, isn't the weather lovely today? Here in NYC, the air is cool, the sun is bright, and the streets are a bit quiet, for once. Better soak it in now, since winter will be back faster that this BLONDE can dye her roots.

So, I know we've been a bit obsessed with surfing these days and dedicating many a post and pic to the obsession. But, it's not so much the act of surfing itself that I am proselytizing, it is the attitude, the destination and most of all, it is the challenge of pushing yourself to do something absolutely so f***ing scary (and quite embarrassing, I might say, as an adult trying to learn) that all of your instincts are screaming: "Don't do it! Sharks! Broken noses! Locals! Fear of falling! Fear of FAILing!"

So, for anyone who has actually tried the sport (just for the sake of trying it once) or is trying to learn, I applaud you (especially you city folk, like me). You have done something that is so amazingly frightening, but you pushed through fear and self-doubts and did it and that is just so amazing. It should be honored.

Now, I thought it only fair to share some of my initial fears and how I overcame them to perhaps encourage a few more to join the surfing Matrix (at the chagrin of many a surfer who are already fighting the crowded sea for waves).

1) Sharks

That was a big one for me to overcome. It amazing how strong the mind can be. I have often been swimming at night in a swimming pool with nothing but darkness underneath my feet, and have convinced myself that something big and scary is going to come up from the dark depths and have me for a snack...yes, ridiculous and embarrassing...but my mind goes there. And, I usually flinch at anything fishy, scaley, or living in the you can just imagine what the concept of sharks does to me whenever I am in the water.

But here is how I put it out of my mind:

You have a greater chance of getting struck by lightening on a sunny day than you do being bitten by a shark. And you wouldn't stay in on a sunny day because you fear being hit by the random bolt of lightening, do you? OK, well, that will happen to you first before any shark attack. So, sharks, done, you are already over that fear.

2) Broken bones

That is pretty easy if you follow a few simple general surfing rules:

- Whenever you wipe out, hands go up immediately above your head. That way, even though you are thrashing about in the break with eyes closed, you will always feel your board first, or any one else's, before you pop up for air.

- Keep an eye out for all the other beginners in the water with you by looking behind you. If the wave is cresting and you see a wobbly newbie about to catch the wave, paddle hard and fast to get out of the way, because it is a safe assumption they won't be able to steer that board.

- Keep your board pointed straight at the waves when you are going out at ALL TIMES. Not only will the board cut through the waves (trust the knows what it is doing even though you may not), but you will also bring down the chances of the broken nose AND you avoid being a 9 ft. target (as they say) to the newbie headed straight for you.

3) Locals and agro behavior (meaning aggressive locale surfers that want to give you a beat down for being on their waves)

That is an easy will NOT even be near the waves they will be on the mushy little knee-high waves near the beach they wouldn't be caught dead on. As you get better, you will learn the "line up," how to paddle around the break to get out, and to catch the tail end of a "set" so that they are happy, and you are you get better, your skill will speak for itself. But for now, no need to worry about locales. Better to take a spot on the beach and just watch their style, form, grace, and often, their incredible hotness.

4) Fear of falling, failing and looking stupid

That is the curse of humanity that enters all aspects of our lives. Everything in your life that is new and amazing is also scary and intimidating. It up to you to decide how you want to live your life, and to push those little voices out of your head and take a chance. Also, I think the biggest thing that keeps me going out is REGRET. So many times I have been on a beach or traveling and thought of doing something, or going somewhere (alone and unknown, sometimes) but fear took over. But, it never fails, the moment I board that plane to leave, regret sets in that I did not take that once in a lifetime opportunity; that I did not make that memory for myself. And regret is something you should avoid at all costs. It eats away at you slowly and nags at your mind - so best to have no regrets.

So, this post ended up being a bit longer than I expected. Tune in later today when I post an amazing opportunity to go surfing in Costa Rica with one of the most amazing surf instructors and most generous and positive soul: Tara Angioletti who describes herself as soul surfer, yoga instructor & owner of Girls Gone Surfing.

You can check out the deets of her next co-ed surfing trip to Costa Rica at her site Girls Gone Surfing. Tara was my first instructor in Maui, her home, and also learned after the age of she knows what it is like to start out (versus other who basically started surfing before walking...)

You should be here, in Costa Rica, this June.

More on the amazing BLONDE Tara in next post.
Much love, xo, - Bob

April 27, 2009

Gone surfing!

In Mexico!

BLONDETTES, until I can post a few sun-drenched pics of Mexican beaches made of metallic gold sand (quelle apropos for all us BLONDE-loving types), please check out the tale of the chicest of hippie beach chic families - the French nomads of Les Gazelles in Sayulita, Mexico, and their stunning collection of bohemian clothes and jewelry.

Mucho amor a mis "gueros"! xo, - Bob

March 20, 2009

Brigitte Fridays!

Yes, yes, Blondettes, Brunettes, and Silver-ettes, we have been lapse about posting more delicious content; but this BLONDE has been so busy working and researching a few fun style and fashion projects, and hopes to get back to posting more wandering wonderings about all things BLONDE and non-BLONDE very soon.

In the interim, there is always the beaming beautiful BB to brighten your Friday. xo, - Bob

In fact, we feel just awful about depriving you, here is another shot of Brigette sunshine goodness to carry you over the weekend. And, yes...Spring is OFFICIALLY, start waxing those boards now, Summer is not far behind.

more x's and o's, - Bob

February 24, 2009

Like being BLONDE, peace is always in style

In honor of our President's amazing address to Congress tonight!

"Energy, healthcare and education!"
Our new national agenda!
About time!
- xo, Bob

February 20, 2009

Brigitte Fridays!

What a natural beauty, et beaute au natural...
xo, - Bob

February 12, 2009


And both are free: the music and the beach.

Perfect together, or enjoyed separately.

Yeah, Maui really is THAT amazing, with or without knee-high surf...
xo, - Bob

February 1, 2009

BLONDE: It's not your color, it's your perspective

Everything to Me video by Aussie band/duo Tamarama stars Aussie model and Victoria's Secret Angel Miranda Kerr frolicking in the most gorgeous bikinis and cover ups...MUST have all.

December 22, 2008

The Foxy Ladies of Wild Fox

We have loved the Wild Fox girls and their t-shirts ever since they started as White Horse (they had to change the name due to some saddle maker in Texas) - but the new name is even better suited for these sexy silly sirens of SoCal.

A little about 'em: "Wildfox represents free love and peace, supports liberal thought and the power of change! The more businesses that support us the more this country shows they are looking happy to promote all of those things!"

More of what they do:

We "heart" boys, too! - xo, Bob

October 31, 2008

October 17, 2008

Brigitte Fridays

Posted 10:41 am PST

Has it been a week already?! I almost didn't recognize your gorgeous face!

While pics of LA sun, surf and sights will come soon, I discovered the stylish blog Come Spy With Me (from the owners of the retro-meets-cool-contemporary shop Grasshopper in Philly, PA) to keep you entertained in the interim.

This pic of Cher is just one of hundreds of culled and curated photos on the Come Spy With Me blog, including images of the pulchritudinous Sharon Tate whose timeless chic relaxed LA style makes her look like she could have just stepped away from filming an episode of MTV's The Hills.

In Sight:
While in LA, I've been getting into the 50s/60s Mid Century architecture that's abundant here, and also digging LA's kitchy sign design. Sadly, I missed the "Between Earth and Heaven" exhibit of the work of architect John Lautner at the Hammer Museum by just 2 days. But hoping to make up for it with this dowloadable architecture tour from LA art/culture online guide FOR YOUR ART (can't wait for their NYC edition!)

John Lautner's Chemisphere house, 1960, Los Angeles; Photo by Joshua White

In Style:
During my self-designed architecture tour of LA, I think I should be wearing these two items from Grasshopper which perfectly epitomize LA sunshine goodness:

- xo, Bob

October 10, 2008

Brigitte Fridays!

Hi all,

We made it to Friday! Yeah! BLONDE is actually in LA for the next few weeks for LA Fashion Week, and visiting some of her favorite BLONDES, and non-BLONDES. Hope to have lots of pics of sun, surf, and...TBD for you over the next weeks.

But for now, enjoy this little bit of sunshine from our beloved BB!

October 8, 2008

Memo to McCain: Pick Pickens!

Yawn. That's about all I can say about last night's debate. Hey, they're both "mavericks" ("puh-tissss-crack," DRINK!), and at this point in the race, both candidates are probably going to play it pretty safe. Sadly, even the live blogging from our lady friends over at Jezebel were sounding (read: reading) like the Wah-Wah adults on the Peanuts cartoon.

As for Treasury Secretary, rather than Senator McCain's pick of Meg Whitman, the eBay exec who's a wiz at selling fake Tiffany Co. bracelets and firing 10% of her workforce, how about that wind power gazillionaire T. Boone Pickens? Here's why:

1) Pickens has a Plan!

2) Pickens has gobs of money and I'm pretty sure wouldn't mind making out a personal check "Payable to Uncle Sam" to perk up this economic downturn (if we ask sweetly)

3) T. Boone Pickens has a name made for writin' sad country love songs (and who doesn't enjoy a sad country love song, every once in a while?)

4) Pickens is really into weening our country from dependency on foreign oil (not only good for the planet but fab for US foreign policy so that other countries don't have so much leverage over us when it comes to the big political decisions)

5) Pickens is creating jobs and a new tangible industry and business sector

6) "Harnessing the wind's power" is a very sexy soundbite - way better than "Reach across the aisle"

Confession time: I was actually very distracted this morning from the debate roundups by this story on the CNN homepage today: "5-legged toad that appears to wave hello." (no joke, it was front page news for CNN...)

Five facts about Mr. Toad I learned from CNN:
He's adopted!
He's as "happy as a toad in a rainstorm" (according to CNN)
He's going to school! (we all know a SMART toad is a SEXY toad)
He's a non-smoker (ok, I'm guessing on this one...)
His Hollywood slimming secret: eats a strict diet of moths and "rolly polleys"

-xo , Bob

October 7, 2008

Wake Me With a Kiss, please

Hi all! Ready for the debate tonight? The anticipation is palpable, isn't is? Can't wait to see you in the am and compare notes!

Speaking of television... BLONDE's trendy little downtown Manhattan 'hood is always filled with lots of excitement - from fashion photo shoots to film crews - pretty much on a weekly basis. And last night was no exception:

Yesterday, the folks of Law & Order had gathered on my block and were filming all day and into the night. And, just as this sleepy BLONDE was ready to call it a night and get her beauty rest (because nothing takes off the years and keeps up your sparkle quite like a soothing slumber)...LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION, as they would say in the biz, BOOM! my apartment was suddenly bathed in very realistic searing daylight thanks to a 3 story crane and lights bigger than my bathroom (note ya'll, this is pretty close to midnight)...

While I did my best to grit, grin and bear it as any cultured New Yorker would (part of the excitement of living here, non?)....I also knew that no type of sleeping mask (de rigeur for beauty sleep and any flight over six hours for this travel-obsessed BLONDE) was going to convince my brain it wasn't dawn. So, a quick dash down the stairs and some sweet pleading with the lighting crew sitting on my stoop and the lights were extinguished just a few minutes later. A handwritten "THANKS" sign was promptly placed in my window to show gratitude to the man-in-the-giant-crane.

BTW, for anyone over the years that I've forgotten to send a thank you card, please see below and "Thank you so much. Your kindness and generosity is so greatly appreciated!" xo, Bob