October 3, 2008

BLONDE Goes Red for Fall

Posted 8:27 pm EST
I'm sure many of you already dash over daily to the pic-driven blog The Sartorialist to see the most lovely pics by Scott Schuman of the most stylish men and women in the most chic cities on the globe. Not only are the people Mr. Schuman shoots so incredibly dressed and brimming with personal style, but the photos themselves are breathtaking. Especially if you are into that type of lush natural light (and shooting) that makes everything crisp and clean in the foreground and lets the backdrop go just a bit hazy so the subject stands out even more. (Reminds me of the beach-scene shoots Gilles Bensimon often did when he was still with Elle US - read more of Elle's 2007 editorial transition, here.) The woman in red (above) was shot in the West Village in New York City by Mr. Schuman and posted on 9/12/08. She's wearing what a cab driver once called "car to bar" shoes when he spied my own spike heels, and insisted on driving me (meter off) right up to the door of the restaurant despite stand-still traffic and being just 30 feet from my destination. As a BLONDE, I've never been into red (the combo always seem to scream "cheap" even when the quality of the dress or bag is not). But this fierce brunette is inspiring me. The dress may be ultra-simple, but with the right shoes (her Christian Louboutins) and bag (a BLONDE pleated Miu Miu, I believe), she strikes a perfect balance (no pun). I also love the black lace (click on pic to enlarge and see detail) evening shoes worn for day with a relaxed earth-tone bag. And, don't even get me started on the extra-large gold men's watch and dark polish mani-pedi (perfect final touches). Her entire look is just quelle Elle.

I was so inspired, that I'm considering breaking my no red rule and have zeroed in on the following look from Net-A-Porter.

Image credit: Net-a-porter

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