October 4, 2008

New York Magazine "Loves" - In A Wrong Way

Posted 11:30 am EST
So, yeah, I woke up a little late, not like me, I know. I usually pride myself on having the surfer spirit: up at dawn to check the waves - even when it's a sea of yellow (HONKING - geez, HUSH, already) taxis outside my window....

Any-who...so, I just ADORE New York Magazine's website (NYMag online is a way more rad experience than print) and I was just about to post a rant about how I clicked on the Juicy Couture ad (it had surfboards and pretty colors in it, O-K?) and how it took me to the JC site and I couldn't get back to NY Mag....any-who.

I finally got back, and saw this GREAT story that will change BLONDE's life: "French ‘Vogue’ Twitters" You see, BLONDE speaks French; bien sur! Well, we used to when I studied French Lit/Art and lived in Paris....but BLONDE doesn't have a copy editor double checking the inferences and meaning of her every word on posts. Also, BLONDE is a tow-headed baby and can afford to make a few mistakes, because she is not under as much scrutiny as NY Mag, which I hope has a team of clever blondettes, brunettes, auburnettes, and silverettes combing the site for such things.

OK, OK, already...so what's this have to do with NY Magazine's expression of love? Well, when I first read the post I was all excited and thought - "those clever NYMaggies, look at them being all on top of it and speak enough French to follow the twitter," and then I read their sign off: "Nous adorons!"

I'm no French scholar (well, I was, but that was soooo long ago) but I'm pretty sure they just said "We love ourselves!" - and I think what they meant to say was: "Nous l'aimons!" or "Nous l'adorons!" (translation explanation: the addition of the "l" creates "We love IT")

BLONDE has a handsome French friend who's like super-smart! We love asking him (you know who you are) about the various nuances and translations of words from English-to-Francais and vee-chay ver-sa. Keep you posted on what le mec nous dit.... xo - Bob

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