October 2, 2008

Biden is BLONDE!

It's 9:07 EST PM and settling in to watch the VP debate with live commentary from one of the most clever BLONDES on the blog block, Jezebel.com. Listen, I don't claim to be the brainiest BLONDE out there, but, pure politics aside, doesn't Sarah Palin sound just like your first grade teacher, rather than a Vice Presidential candidate?

This is just from the very first 15 minutes of the debate:
"you betcha"
"hockey mom" [2 times in 7 minutes]
"Joe six pack"
"a heck of a lot of good lessons"
"let's do what our parents told us"
"darn right!"

Update at 9:28 EST PM
OMG - she did not say this, did she?
"It's a toxic mess on Main Street that is affecting Wall Street." UM, Sarah, ain't it the other way around? You betcha!

Update at 9:35 EST PM
I just had several more OMG moments.....burning coal and drilling for oil are perfectly safe? wha?! global warming is NOT caused by man? huh?!

Update at 10:00 EST PM
JOE, please stop saying "BUSH-es" - I think I counted 10 in under a minute....(manly, yes, but you're startin' to sound silly...)

SARAH, please stop pronouncing nuclear as "NEW-yo0-CLEE-air."

Update at 10:12 EST PM
Sarah says, "You get extra credit for watching this debate." See, SP really is our former first grade teacher, just with better cheekbones, and highlights.

(btw, we don't have Photoshop yet, so can't do the before [silver fox] and after [golden dapper debating dude] comparision, but we're pretty certain that is a BLONDE rinse on BIDEN at the debates; proof that Senators prefer BLONDEs)

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