October 3, 2008

Like being BLONDE, peace is always in style

Posted 9:26 pm EST
Morning! Your hair looks amazing like that! I totally dig the bedhead vibe; so sexy, especially when you sip your coffee while peering over the rim at me.

So, BLONDETTES (as well as brunettes and auburn-ettes, and silver-nettes), on the heels of last night's oh so serious evening in with the VPC debate, and the "he said/she said" fervor, just two words for the candidates, and esp. for whomever takes office: "Come together."

But these politicians probably won't do that since they are taking different sides --except on gay marriage-- what is up with that?)....so, how about, "World peace?" Are those two good words? I wanted to keep it to just two words, so it would be easy to remember 'cause I know how crazy things can get around this (election) time. Do you think we could all agree on WP. Hmm? Sound good? OK, we're cool, then? Great! I can already tell it's gonna be a fab day! - xo, Bob

(btw, this shirt is by one of our fave T-shirt companies Worn Free. And I came across it at Kaboodle where their tag line is "Shopping is more fun with friends" - we concur!)

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