October 8, 2008

Memo to McCain: Pick Pickens!

Yawn. That's about all I can say about last night's debate. Hey, they're both "mavericks" ("puh-tissss-crack," DRINK!), and at this point in the race, both candidates are probably going to play it pretty safe. Sadly, even the live blogging from our lady friends over at Jezebel were sounding (read: reading) like the Wah-Wah adults on the Peanuts cartoon.

As for Treasury Secretary candidates...um, rather than Senator McCain's pick of Meg Whitman, the eBay exec who's a wiz at selling fake Tiffany Co. bracelets and firing 10% of her workforce, how about that wind power gazillionaire T. Boone Pickens? Here's why:

1) Pickens has a Plan!

2) Pickens has gobs of money and I'm pretty sure wouldn't mind making out a personal check "Payable to Uncle Sam" to perk up this economic downturn (if we ask sweetly)

3) T. Boone Pickens has a name made for writin' sad country love songs (and who doesn't enjoy a sad country love song, every once in a while?)

4) Pickens is really into weening our country from dependency on foreign oil (not only good for the planet but fab for US foreign policy so that other countries don't have so much leverage over us when it comes to the big political decisions)

5) Pickens is creating jobs and a new tangible industry and business sector

6) "Harnessing the wind's power" is a very sexy soundbite - way better than "Reach across the aisle"

Confession time: I was actually very distracted this morning from the debate roundups by this story on the CNN homepage today: "5-legged toad that appears to wave hello." (no joke, it was front page news for CNN...)

Five facts about Mr. Toad I learned from CNN:
He's adopted!
He's as "happy as a toad in a rainstorm" (according to CNN)
He's going to school! (we all know a SMART toad is a SEXY toad)
He's a non-smoker (ok, I'm guessing on this one...)
His Hollywood slimming secret: eats a strict diet of moths and "rolly polleys"

-xo , Bob

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