October 7, 2008

Wake Me With a Kiss, please

Hi all! Ready for the debate tonight? The anticipation is palpable, isn't is? Can't wait to see you in the am and compare notes!

Speaking of television... BLONDE's trendy little downtown Manhattan 'hood is always filled with lots of excitement - from fashion photo shoots to film crews - pretty much on a weekly basis. And last night was no exception:

Yesterday, the folks of Law & Order had gathered on my block and were filming all day and into the night. And, just as this sleepy BLONDE was ready to call it a night and get her beauty rest (because nothing takes off the years and keeps up your sparkle quite like a soothing slumber)...LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION, as they would say in the biz, BOOM! my apartment was suddenly bathed in very realistic searing daylight thanks to a 3 story crane and lights bigger than my bathroom (note ya'll, this is pretty close to midnight)...

While I did my best to grit, grin and bear it as any cultured New Yorker would (part of the excitement of living here, non?)....I also knew that no type of sleeping mask (de rigeur for beauty sleep and any flight over six hours for this travel-obsessed BLONDE) was going to convince my brain it wasn't dawn. So, a quick dash down the stairs and some sweet pleading with the lighting crew sitting on my stoop and the lights were extinguished just a few minutes later. A handwritten "THANKS" sign was promptly placed in my window to show gratitude to the man-in-the-giant-crane.

BTW, for anyone over the years that I've forgotten to send a thank you card, please see below and "Thank you so much. Your kindness and generosity is so greatly appreciated!" xo, Bob

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