May 18, 2009

Amazing Mexico

It is so unfortunate that the recent swine flu scare in Mexico is coming on the heels of the country's harsh economic recession and after a sharp downturn in tourism in Mexico due to a surge in drug-related crimes in limited parts of Mexico.

I recently returned from a trip to the coastal areas around the Sierra Madre mountains (Puerta Vallarta and Nayarit) and have such a new love and appreciation for this wonderful and beautiful country - and the amazing people I met there. Even in the wake of the flu - I would get on a plane today if I had the opportunity to go back that soon.

Hacienda San Angel Chapel, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I am hoping that by posting a few pictures of Mexico through my eyes here, that perhaps you will be inspired to take a a trip (once health officials secure and control the recent medical situation) to this truly amazing country.

Sierra Madre Mountains (above) and a beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (below)

A breathtaking ocean view (above) in Mexico to rival ANY country in the world

My trip was a short one, but I cannot wait to return --not only to experience some of the most amazingly gorgeous beaches I have ever seen (and mind you, I have spent time on islands in Thailand in the Andaman Sea and managed to squeeze in several trips to Maui in the past year...)-- but to also return to learn more about the rich culture and the people that are blessed to call this wonderful country home!

Scenes from surf town of Sayulita, Mexico

Much love and well wishes for everyone in Mexico, at this time and always.
xo - Bob

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