August 6, 2009

EXCLUSIVE - Lisa Rinna's obsession-worthy bikini is from Target!

This Blondette has been obsessing over Lisa Rinna’s pink striped bikini ever since I spotted her in it over a week ago! I immediately scoured the internet and searched every conceivable combo of the words “striped, pink, bikini, Rinna, Lisa” with no luck. In another attempt to uncover the designer, I looked online at Lisa’s own stylish boutique Belle Gray to see if she sold the suit in her LA-store, and it was nowhere to be found.

So, finally, I decided to email the source herself – Lisa! And this little treasure of info was waiting for us in our inbox today:

From: Lisa Rinna’s Style Team
To: Bob

From: Bob
To: Lisa Rinna’s Style Team
Get OUT! Loves! Thanks so much!

From: Lisa Rinna’s Style Team
To: Bob
I know!! Right?

Bonus: This perfect summer suit sells for less than fifteen bucks! Xhilaration Big Neon Swimwear $14.99 - quick, go buy it here!

You’re welcome, fashion fans. xo, - Bob

Photo: WENN – Lisa Rinna in Malibu, July 27

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