August 7, 2009

Fashion Fan or Ban? Raquel Allegra Shredded Dress

Photo: YIC online - Halle Berry at Bristol Farms grocery store in Beverly Hills, CA, July 29

Several celebrities have been spotted on and off the red carpet in shredded dresses and tunics, and Halle Berry was the latest star to try the trend when she wore one to fetch groceries in LA recently. But…are we a Fan of the look? Or, do we enact a Ban on the disintegrating design?

This is tough call for several reasons:

1) I adore Halle Berry’s red carpet and street style almost every time she steps foot out her door

2) I know the talented designer Raquel Allegra who creates these hand-crafted one-of-a-kind styles that can sell for $1000 each

3) I have a soft spot for rocker-meets-downtown-boho-just-came-from-the-beach-type looks.

While the slasher style is not “cut out” for the red carpet and is BANNED from glam events, I am a FAN of the shredded dress as a rock-and-roll cheeky beach cover up.

xo, - Bob

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