April 7, 2010

Need this now!

It is the"Model T" reto-styled board from surfboard designer/maker Donald Takayama.

His was the first "real" board I ever rode in Hookipa break near Paia, Maui off Hana Highway. Many thanks to my surf friend Rick for loaning it to me (and trusting me with his mint condition 9' 2" lovely retro board - HIS was NOT girly pink, btw, but it WAS a gorgeous Takayama with not a single ding).

Anywhooo, once you are ready to step off the safe (but boring, after a while) soft top and commit to something a little more "real" and exciting (and gorgeous to look at!), I highly recommend this pretty and mellow lovely. She's sure to bring you a lifetime of happiness - even when you are not on her. [hmmm, was that a metaphor for something...]

xo, - Bob

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