December 4, 2010

This BLONDE Finally Made It To A Costa Rica Beach!

Hola, Blonditos!

We finally made it to Costa Rica - to surf! and relax and eat great food and do yoga and hang out with amazing dear friends of 10+ years and meet super wonderful uberly cool news ones.

Def an all around a wonderfulicious trip. More deets to come [apologies, this Blonde has been doing a lot of local political do-gooder stuff to help out the local 'hood and the planet] since I hope to pick up my regular story telling/blogging sesh very soon for ya.

Here are a few Costa Rica pics for ya in the interim.....[insert your most fave dance music here....mine has been this BabyDayliner song for a month now!]

Playa Carmen y Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
xox, -Bob

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